A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam.

Blitz is an Action RPG where you only have one minute, one item, and one life.  The odds are against you, do you have what it takes?

This game is played using only the mouse and left mouse button.

Item Effects:

  • Fairy: Automatically revives you upon death
  • Gold Potion: Gives gold on use
  • Weakness Potion: Weakens the enemy you're fighting
  • Shield Potion: Gives temporary buff that protects you from death
  • Time Potion: Adds extra time to the clock
  • Lightning Potion: Instantly damages the enemy you're fighting
  • Speed Boots: Increases Run speed passively
  • Big Sword: Makes enemies easier to hit passively

Install instructions

Unzip the .exe file and the .win file to the directory of your choice and run! Easy as that.


GMTK_Blitz.zip 9 MB


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I think you must win, everything is fine, potions, resource management, narrative. I played it a hundred times until i passed it.


Simple, but not stupid, speedrun friendly, juicy, enjoyable. Enjoyed it quite much :)
Got a bottled fairy on my first run, no idea what it's form :D